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Husband material. Or not - it is Don Draper after all.

Mad Men — Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

sometimes I feel my heart thawing

That’s the thing you gotta remember about WASPs. They love animals, but they can’t stand people.
— Gordon Gekko (Wall Street)

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Resort 2015 Trend: Love It or Leaf It
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Florals aren’t gone and forgotten, but leafy jungle and palm-tree prints are the botanical motif du jour. Here, Elle Sasson Resort 2015.
I think of romantic love as a series of moments that fill you up and then just as fast, spill out. It’s important to recognize these feelings as they’re happening. It can have a tremendous impact on your life. I don’t believe in soul mates or happily ever after. But, it is very inspiring to feel so in love — whether it was a sentiment that was shared or not, it’s yours to keep.

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they held hands.

they fell asleep together, marathoning Netflix and watching the lights slowly flicker out in the city.

they woke up together to the sun shining into his apartment windows, illuminating the Financial District with a wash of gold.

she laughed at his words and curled up in the crook of his arm. he made her breakfast every time she came over. 

they played at lovers.

as they went through the motions of a couple, her mind had confused them for what they were, just motions, and she almost began to believe. 

happy mother’s day - i got my sass from her