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If you’ve fallen that hard for someone,

they’ll always have a rent-free space in your heart.

— Jerry Waugh via Justin Lin

Lying on the smooth, polished wooden floor of my childhood bedroom, watching my glasses fog up, feeling my heart thump, thump, thump. 

It’s a luxury, to wallow in my own sweat. 

I feel alive. 

jawline and Barbour jacket, perfect

Psychedelic Wallpaper (A Space Odyssey)

Happy birthday sweet @marjasamsom this boat party rocks!!! Kisses iv (at Brooklyn Bridge)

love the photo

if i were perfect and reality allowed for it, this is what i would do with my non-working hours:

  • volunteer (e.g. save cats from trees, help people do their taxes)
  • build/start something cool (nebulous, i know)
  • run marathons, climb rocks, ride my (non-existent) bike 
  • maintain an obsessively clean living space
  • make Pinterest-worthy lunches every day

these are the things that we (society?) tell ourselves that we should be doing so we can climb the next rung on the ladder.  

but i am not perfect and most days after work, i am too lazy to do anything other than shower, pour myself some scotch, and watch premium television.

i can’t even do my own taxes, so i have quite a bit to work up to. 

i tell myself it’s alright to take a little ramp-up time. 

I fell in love with
the way you entered
a room like both
April and May —
coming in out of the cold
with the promise to
grow flowers in the
vacant places in my chest.
— (via lucyquin)

(via akbeachbum)

in spite of it all, she was grateful.

she was amazed at how close she felt to him, after one weekend. she felt like she had known him for more than a week - surely it had been years already into their friendship? 

but, she thought, just when she had found someone exciting, he hadn’t turned out exactly the way she expected. 

and for that, she was grateful.